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Someday we’ll tell ourselves… "Oh my God, this is paradise."

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Lee Pace + tropes and trademarks

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I reblog this every time it comes up on my dashboard, not because it is a “rule” but because every time I see it the love and sincerity on her face hit me all over again and I think everyone deserves to see that.

And THIS is why I adore Catherine Tate. She’s loud and brash but in quieter moments… her soul comes shining through and it makes everything about her so much more beautiful. 

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one of the most accurate things ive ever read

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A Giant thank you to the person who stole my laundry detergent at school.

._. asshole. If you had used it that would’ve been fine, but stealing it really? D:< 

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stephen colbert is the lord of the lord of the rings

and that’s how I talk to people. 

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